What is paintless dent repair or PDR?

Dent repair is often required following vandalism, a hailstorm, or vehicular accident to restore a vehicle’s appearance. Paintless dent repair (also known as PDR) usually the preferred dent repair solution. It tends to reduce time and cost expenditures because, if performed properly, painting isn’t needed after dent repair.

What are the advantages of paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair is advantageous in that it avoids paint-matching issues that can make the final dent repair result more visible. This is especially problematic with antique cars for which the paint will likely be faded and/or because the original paint is unavailable. The other downside to painting after dent repair is that it may void a warranty.

How is paintless dent repair accomplished?

Paintless dent repair is accomplished by using special tools to gently, carefully “massage” the surface behind the dent to return it to its original curvature and form. A qualified technician like those at 70 West Body Shop will make it appear as if the dent were never there.

Does paintless dent repair work for all vehicle?

Some vehicles are not eligible for paintless dent repair because they are made from a non-malleable material such as certain plastics. Paint being scratched or stained also precludes some vehicles from having paintless dent repair as an option. Also, if the dent is inaccessible, dent repair will have to be done the traditional way.