Body Shop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

70 West Body Shop consistently provides outstanding support to collision repair and car restoration customers. We are committed to providing you with the answers you need to make informed auto body decisions. Below are some of the recurring questions customers have. If you have a suggestion for a Body Shop FAQ, we’d love to hear it! Contact us at (715)-479-9444 or send us a message.
A red paper car is on a white table. A man sitting in the background holds a red paper question mark in front of the car.

What makes and models of vehicles do you service?

70 West Body Shop provides collision repair, autobody work, and auto restoration on all makes and models; you don’t have to take your car to the dealership. In fact, we usually have more overall experience that gives us a wider perspective, making us more conscientious of options and various ways to solve problems.

 The other great news is that your vehicle’s warranty won’t be voided by taking it to a non-dealership auto body shop.Our workmanship is guaranteed for a lifetime!

What are the details regarding your Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee?

Our guarantee covers our workmanship. Our work is professional grade and we use quality materials. Our workmanship will meet or exceed factory specifications and standards. Normal wear, tear, and rust are not covered by our guarantee.

What is insurance steering?

When it comes to collision repair, your insurance company cannot legally require you to use a particular shop. In the insurance industry this is often referred to as steering. Information about your rights can be found at the non-profit NAPDRT website. You can learn about Wisconsin’s Anti-Steering law at this link.

Do you do ad wraps?

This is not a service that we provide. Our autobody solutions are permanent and durable, whereas a vinyl ad wrap is removeable and made with other materials. Also, because these processes are quite dissimilar they require different equipment.

What is a direct repair shop? What is a direct repair program?

If an auto body shop provides collision repair, dent repair, auto restoration and other auto body-related damages for which auto insurance companies usually pay claims, they may be able to become a Direct Repair Shop. To become a Direct Repair Shop, the body shop must participate in one or more insurance companies’ Direct Repair Programs, also known as DRPs.    Read More...

What is paintless dent repair or PDR?

Dent repair is often required following vandalism, hailstorm, or vehicular accident to restore a vehicle’s appearance. Paintless dent repair (also known as PDR) usually the preferred dent repair solution. It tends to reduce time and cost expenditures because, if performed properly, painting isn’t needed after dent repair.   Read More...