Custom Auto Body Overview

Custom auto body services at 70 West Body Shop includes expert automobile airbrushing, car art, custom pinstriping, and more. 70 West’s custom car painting results rank among the finest quality car art and most long-lasting auto body work in the Midwest.


They are meticulous about both the quality of the work AND the presentation. 70 West certified experts are qualified professionals. If you don’t have the benefit of being a local customer, it is worth the trip to Northern Wisconsin to have your vehicle’s custom auto body dreams come true.

You can expect to have your vehicle treated like we would treat our own whether you’ve come for auto airbrushing, a simple car paint job (or truck paint job!), or complicated custom car painting. We promise your pinstripes will be as perfect as possible, your car art will be enviable, and any vehicle restoration completed at 70 West Body Shop will be to specs.


For all our custom painting and vehicle restoration services, we use only top-quality, factory-recommended paints – never after-market materials that could deteriorate or cause damage. For more details about Classic Car Restoration , please visit our Car Restoration page.

What about ad wraps?

Ad wraps are not among the list of custom auto body services that we provide. Visit our FAQs page for more information.